Parenting Healthy spreads the news about the Sound Sleep Crib CushiTM!

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Parenting Healthy has some great things to say about the Sound Sleep Crib CushiTM!!

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Sound Sleep Crib CushiTM Demonstration Video!

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I hope this helps to better explain what this wonderful product is!!!!

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Great review from "All About Baby's World"!!!

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After testing the Sound Sleep Crib Cushi with both an infant (8 months) and a toddler (3 years), Samantha from All About Baby's World has great things to say!!!

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Suki Moon is hoping you & your families have a safe and happy holiday... take care of each other...make beautiful memories...

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CNN Article: Stop Using Crib Bumpers, doctors say....Dec 1, 2015

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"The American Academy of Pediatrics Safe to Sleep Campaign suggest no soft bedding, including bumpers be used in the crib."

This is exactly the reason I didn't use crib bumpers in my child's crib...& came up w/this solution!  There is no soft bedding or ties used with the Crib CushiTM.  The sheet extends over the foam inserts AND mattress combined...keeping the sheet opening far from baby's reach.  Nothing to get tangled in.  This is the alternative to dangerous crib bumpers...& way for babies to get uninterrupted sleep!  Take a look & try for your self!

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Introducing this product to the retail world at the ABC Kids Expo was a great success this week!  All comments were extremely positive and everyone seemed to love the idea!  A little challenging for people to see we weren't selling furniture...but that was kind of funny toward the end!  There were some larger companies interested enough to come back twice and start the process...thinking how this could work into their stores... Julia was such an incredible help!!!  Getting me lunch & letting me take breaks!!!!  Soooo thankful my dear!!!  Thanks so much to everyone who stopped to learn about this new concept and thank you for all of the kind words!!!!

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More great news!!!

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Suki Moon's patent is no longer pending!!!  We have just received our patent # 9,131,784!!!!  This is a big step & a long time coming!  Thank you to SEED IP for all of their help in getting this accomplished!  The patent process is...let's just say long...& I'll leave it at that!  One down, one to go!

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