About Us

Suki Moon, LLC is a small company located in the beautiful town of Hood River, Oregon.  The area between the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood is our playground.  It feeds the natural spirit of adventure and fills the peace in the soul. 
I am a mother who designed this product originally for my own child as she continued to wake in the night caught between the slats of her crib.  I did not trust using a traditional crib bumper and didn't see the value in any newer products out there.  So, I came up with this idea and it worked from the start!  It kept my daughter safe and centered in her bed.  When she was old enough to transition to a toddler bed, the Crib CushiTM went along &, although she could get in and out of bed independently, it still kept her in the center of the mattress while she slept.  The original worked great for us, and now I offer it to you. 
My name is Gwendelyn Krause.  I was a part of the apparel world before becoming a mother.  My life was full of creativity as a sweater designer in the Seattle area for a great number of years.  Now I am here in the beautiful Hood River Valley & enjoying the peace and quiet...far from the city.  I am a small town girl at heart!  I find myself enjoying the journey of this new product & hope that you find it just as useful as our family did!  We will have new patterns and possibly some new & exciting baby products in the near future!  You can't take the creativity out of a person no matter where they reside... & I'm realizing my mind has a way of coming up w/new & fun ideas...between toddler ballet classes and pre-school!