Sound Sleep Crib Cushi™ System  *  Sound Sleep Cradle Cushi™ System




Suki Moon, LLC presents a whole new way of thinking about your child's sleep environment. Complete Sound Sleep Crib CushiTM and Cradle CushiTM Systems were designed by a mom to not only keep your child safe during slumber but also help them stay sleeping by gently keeping them in the safe center of the bed.  No more bumping into the sides or waking up crying because legs or arms are extended through the railings.  The idea is a safe and peaceful sleep for both baby and parents.  If you know your child is safe, you can sleep more soundly.  If your child sleeps peacefully, you can too...


The sloped design gently contains the child in the safe, center of the bed without using any loose props or devices.  This not only keeps him or her safe from the hard surfaces of the crib and slats, it promotes uninterrupted sleep, which helps your child to grow in mind, body, and spirit.  The foam inserts are food grade, not off-gassing, and contain no BPA or phthalates.  The sheet is made of 100% cotton and the center is backed with a moisture barrier.  This means no other mattress protector or mattress pad is needed.  This sheet extends over the foam shapes and mattress combined, securing under the mattress and out of reach.



As the Crib CushiTM does not rely on the crib frame itself, it can also be used with the crib mattress in a toddler bed as your child transitions to a larger bed.  While he or she can get in and out of bed unassisted, the Crib CushiTM is there to help prevent them from rolling out during sleep.  This feature turns your purchase into an investment...lasting as long as your child can still fit on a crib mattress.

Sweet Dreams...

The Complete Sound Sleep Crib CushiTM or Cradle CushiTM System includes:

  • 4 food grade, sloped, foam inserts
  • 100% cotton canvas foam cover
  • 100% cotton sheet/mattress protector